Welcome to Tal'Darim Linkshell. If you don't already know, Tal'Darim is a Social/Event Linkshell that is small yet, versatile. Events that are of interest include Abyssea, Walk of Echoes (WOE), Limbus, Dynamis, Sky and Sea and any other form of NM hunting. Voidwatch is something we will consider in the upcoming future, for Tal'Darim.

If you maintain Tal'Darim full-time as a linkshell, you will reap greater rewards & other benefits as well as seniorty to post for personal events, rather than other members who just opt-in for regular linkshell events.

Tal'Darim is also a social linkshell that does utilize the Skype-chat system, so you will need to download Skype at Skype We ask that you download Skype so that we may be able to see what you are like, and to see if your competent in the jobs that you play. Pls don't misunderstand this, as some form of interview of the sorts, we just want to make sure we know who you are.

We are also a Drama-free type of linkshell. We ask that you leave all issues regarding Personal-Game play style, Religion, Politics and anything else deemded offensive, we ask that you leave that at the door, just so that team cohesiveness can be maintained.

If you wish to apply to Tal'Darim, ( for a trial period to see if you are LS material) pls see the LS Leader or one of our sackholders and we will be more than welcome to comply with a /tell.

Thank you very much. We look forward to your application.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.